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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Social Bookmarking


Don’t you find it inconvenient that you cannot bookmark your favorite websites on every computer you use in one go. Delicious is the answer to this problem. With this social bookmarking tool, you can save your favorite links to delicious and access them from any computer anywhere. This saves you the trouble of having to save the link on to every computer you use.

I highly recommend this site to everyone. One of the most important features of this tool is that you can create tags for whichever site you bookmark. For example, if I find a website on the Spanish Royal Family, I can tag it as ‘family’ and ‘culture’. In this way, if I am looking for a website related to family, I can click the ‘family’ tag or if I am looking for a website on culture, I can click on the ‘culture’ tag. The website on the Spanish Royal Family will be saved in both sections. I can have multiple tags. It helps narrow the search for a particular website that you may have saved among the numerous others.

By default, all bookmarks are made public to all delicious users but there is also a ‘do not share’ option while saving the website. You can use delicious as a place to save useful links for yourself and your colleagues. In this way, you can share links with each other.

Learn more about this tool by clicking here - More about Delicious. You can add your favorite websites to delicious by using a tag button installed in your tool bar. This is installed when you register for delicious. Click here to learn more.

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