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Friday, April 24, 2009

360 Cities

360 Cities- World Panoramic Photography

Imagine showing your students a 360 degree view of a marketplace in Italy and then asking them to write or speak about what they see. Imagine if they could zoom in and take a closer look at the view. Imagine standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with your students while still sitting in your classrooms. This is possible if you go to 360 cities. It is a site where people post their panoramic photos of different places.
Go to the 360 Cities website and search for the city that you would like to see. The website has a Help section that explains how to navigate the photos and use the website. There is also a section that explains how you can create panoramic photos.

Google Earth has a layer for 360 cities. If you are using Google Earth you have to make sure that you check the box for the 360 cities in the Layers section under Gallery. You can go to any city, for example, Rome, and if there are any 360 photos available in that city, you will see red circular 360 Icons. Click on it and you will get a 360 degree view of the place.

Here are some examples:

Marienplatz in Munich

At the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Cathedral (Mosque) of Cordoba in Spain

Havana Airport - on my way out of Cuba in Cuba

Badaling Great Wall 2 in Asia

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France in Paris

Coliseum in Rome

Here are some videos about 360 cities:

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