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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Wonder Wheel

More good new from Google. They just came out with a new feature for searching the web called the Google Wonder Wheel. When you are searching for something using the Google Web Search, you can click on the 'Show options...' link, which you will find just above the first search result. Here you will find that you can modify your search by using different types of search options. You will find these options on the left column. One of them is a Wonder Wheel, which shows you a graphic organizer that gives you related queries of your original search. The Wonder Wheel continues to progressively refine your search by giving you a variation of your search.

Click here for a Step by step guide on how to use the Wonder Wheel.

The following is a video in which the Google programmer who worked on the Wonder Wheel talks about the tool:

Here is another video about how to use the Wonder Wheel search tool:

Finally here is a video that shows you more Google search options including the Wonder Wheel:

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